• Your partner has popped the big question and you said yes! Your family is overjoyed and the date is set. Now all you have to do is decide on whether or not you are going to hire a wedding planner.



    The problem is that you’re having some doubts. It would be nice to have someone helping out, making sure you don’t forget anything, but what about the costs? Fear no more! We’ve put together a list of all the pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner especially for you.




    You can breathe a sigh of relief

    There are a lot of small details to stress over when planning a wedding. Details such as the caterers that need to be briefed, the bridesmaid’s dresses that need to be fitted, and so the list goes on. When hiring a wedding planner you escape the stress zone and will never turn into a horror bride. All you have to do is pour a glass of champagne, put your feet up, and relax while the professionals take care of everything. There’s nothing a bride wants more than to be stress-free on her big day.


    Wedding planners know the market

    Another big plus when hiring a wedding planner is the fact that they have inside information and in-depth knowledge about the many different components of planning a wedding. Where you will have to spend hours on end trying to find the best confetti, wedding cake, flowers, bridal shoes, and other wedding necessities, an experienced wedding planner will know exactly where to go for quality items. Wedding planners build up a lot of contacts when they’ve been doing it for a while. These contacts can be suppliers, service providers, and other key items that might be crucial for a successful wedding. The best part is that you might actually save on a lot of the services as they will score you a few loyalty discounts.


    Wedding planners deal with people you don’t want to

    It would be a massive understatement to say that wedding preparations are not easy. Everything takes time and you have to keep your eye on even the tiniest of details. Sometimes this can cause the most stress for a new bride, especially if you have to deal with a lot of people. When you have a wedding planner all of these tasks are handed over to her.


    Your budget gets the professional touch

    Often when we are inexperienced in something we tend to do it the expensive way. Hiring a wedding planner could save you from overspending and exceeding your budget. Finances are one of the biggest concerns for most newly-wed couples and a good wedding planner can help you and your soon-to-be hubby stay within the bounds of your budget, or even help you spend less than you budgeted for by suggesting alternatives.


    A fresh perspective and new ideas

    One of the many advantages of a wedding planner is the fact that they come with years of expertise and thus they can introduce you to ideas you may not have thought of yourself. Wedding planners can make great suggestions and guide you in the right direction when you’re not entirely sure what you may on your big day.

    A happy bride is a stress-free bride

    Hiring a wedding planner will be a huge stress reliever. Not only do they put in all of the hard work leading up to the wedding but they also manage everything and everyone on your big day. If anything goes wrong or the Best Man forgets the rings, you can trust your wedding planner to deal with it. You’ll be relaxed and stress free as you make your way down the aisle to the man of your dreams.


    Did you know – Bona Dea has a team of professional wedding planners waiting to take on your special day and turn into something magical. The Bona Dea wedding planners are onsite and available whenever you need them. Not only do they have years of experience, but they know the very best service providers such as photographers, videographers, and everything between.




    You lose some of the control

    If you are the hands-on type, then hiring a wedding planner can be a hard pill to swallow. Hiring a wedding planner would mean letting go of the reins and allowing them to take over. This can be especially difficult if you have hired a wedding planner you don’t quite connect with.


    It’s an extra expense

    Weddings tend to be very expensive and professional wedding planners are not cheap. If you are on a tight budget, a planner is most likely not the best idea. Only hire a wedding planner if your budget allows it, otherwise you could consider making use of your friends or family members are willing to lend a helping hand.


    Some of the intimacy is lost

    It might seem silly but a lot of brides prefer taking the reins when it comes to planning their wedding. And with good reason, hiring a wedding planner always seems like a good idea until you realise that a lot of the special intimate moments that come from planning are not yours. You miss out on making crazy bride memories you’ll laugh about when you are older. For sentimental bride-to-be’s it would strongly be suggested to rethink hiring a wedding planner seeing as you might feel detached from the big event at the end of the day. Alternatively, be vocal with your wedding planner and make it clear what you expect, and that each decision must be made by you and your partner.


    Wedding planners are a great help when wanting to have your special day kept in check. At the end of the day you should be sure before you hire anyone to work on your wedding day and the interview process is an important one. Your wedding day deserves to be a special one and that can only be done if you’re entirely happy. Now you can make a clear decision on whether or not a wedding planner will be part of your happy moment.

  • We all want our weddings to be perfect, unforgettable and unique. We wish to stand out from the crowd. The big day is on its way and you want to make sure that your bouquet is ready, however you don’t just want any bouquet you want something unique. Something that sums you up as clearly as possible.

    There are many things bouquets can be made of like brooches, feathers, paper, fabrics, beads and even delicious candies! We’ve compiled a list of 7 unique wedding bouquets to spark your creative side and to help you select the perfect bouquet for your perfect wedding.


    Paper Bouquet

    1. Paper bliss

    If you are having a spring or summertime wedding, then you should consider making your bouquet out of non-perishable material like paper. One of the most common paper bouquets is an origami bouquet. These are always a winner and stay beautiful. You can also take the pages from your favourite book and roll them up in to rosebuds. What’s great about using non-perishable materials for your bouquet is that it will last long after your wedding is over and could make for a memorable keepsake.


    2. Succulent & fresh

    If you are someone who has a love for all things beautifully ordinary, then you should consider a bouquet made from succulents. It is sturdier than the standard flower as they have fleshy bodies that hold water in waterless climates. Their soft shades and slightly dusty appearance are perfect for a modern day bride who prefers something with a little more volume. Succulents go beautifully with a cream coloured wedding as it brings in a slight contrast while keeping the romantic ambiance.


    3. Crafty fabrics & buttons

    If you are a bit of an old soul with a passion for crafts, then why not get your hands dirty with a bouquet made from fabrics and buttons? Add a little colour to brighten your day or play up mute tones with vintage paper and copper brooches. You could even add a few flowers from the field to fit in with your beautifully handmade wedding bouquet.


    4. Romantic ribbons

    As little girls we are often dressed up with ribbons and bows. Some girls grow up to hate it but there are the little girls who grow up to love ribbons and bows and all things sweet and girly. You may want to consider a bouquet of beautiful bows or special bouquet tied up with ribbons. Adds a touch of elegance to any special day.


    5. Keepsake bouquet

    If you are someone who has a lot of family heirlooms, little trinkets, and memorabilia, then this is definitely something you might want to consider. Design your bouquet by adding all your favourite keepsakes so you can have them close to you as you walk down the aisle towards the next big chapter of your life. This is a nice way of connecting the old with the new, plus it makes for a beautiful keepsake of your special day.


    6. Birds of a feather

    If you love the light and ethereal flow of feathers, then you should consider a feather bouquet. Feathers have always been a winner as they don’t go off and they always look gorgeous especially if you choose some with colours other than grey and brown. If your wedding is strictly plain colours like white or cream it could be gorgeous to spice it up with a little bit of feather colour.


    7. Cascading blooms

    This bouquet Idea is absolutely perfect for a bride who loves detail added to simplicity. This bouquet looks like a single flower but it is actually constructed layer by layer from cymbidium orchid petals. You can even add a little colour or variety of colour to the middle with pink or purple petals. The colour of the petals can change to whatever would suit your needs but you will still be left with an elegant bouquet.


    Follow us on Pinterest for more beautiful bouquet ideas.

  • We are giving away 8 completely free honeymoons to couples who have booked their weddings with us at Bona Dea Private Estate.

    Skiathose Mountainside


    Weddings are a magical time filled with anticipation, memories, and wonderful moments with family and friends. After so much preparation and build up, it’s wonderful when a wedding day takes place and everyone has a fantastic time. The next step, once the wedding day is done and dusted, is the honeymoon!

    As important as a wedding day is, honeymoons are supposed to be a special time too. The honeymoon is the first time that you, as a couple, spend time alone as husband and wife. There’s something extremely special that takes place, a bonding and time of romance that is never forgotten.

    Here at Bona Dea Private Estate, we love creating wedding day experiences that are never forgotten, but we also know how important that blissful honeymoon is too. That’s why we’re giving away 8 amazing honeymoons on the Greek island of Skiathos that you’ll definitely want to experience for yourself.


    Bona Dea honeymoon giveaway in Greece


    8 Complimentary Honeymoons


    It may be hard to believe but we’re giving away 8 completely free honeymoons to couples who have booked their weddings with us at Bona Dea Private Estate. We couldn’t think of a more perfect location than the ‘Khakibos Villa’ on the Greek island of Skiathos.

    Situated on the mountain side of Ponta, with breath-taking views over the Mediterranea Sea, just a short distance from the most amazing beaches, villages, and exciting activities, Skiathos is the place to be.

    The honeymoon you stand to claim from Bona Dea Private Estate consists of a 2 week stay in a 5-star villa that includes the following features:

    • A beautiful patio deck with picturesque views.
    • The 5-star villa is a fully equipped self-catering unit.
    • Eclectic Mediterranean style décor.
    • Private entrances for a romantic getaway.
    • 2 bedrooms with sea views.
    • 2 bathrooms.
    • A sitting room equipped with a television.
    • A dining room for lazy breakfasts overlooking the sea.
    • A fully-equipped kitchen.


    Greece honeymoon giveaway


    How to Claim your Complimentary Honeymoon


    If you want to make sure your honeymoon will take your breath away, then here’s what you need to do in order to grab 1 of these 8 honeymoon experiences for free.

    1. Book a wedding package at Bona Dea Private Estate. You will need to book a Bronze wedding package as the minimum in order to qualify.
    2. Make sure to book your Bronze wedding package during one of the following months: September 2016, October 2016, May 2017, August 2017, September 2017, or October 2017.
    3. Contact Bona Dea Private Estate on www.bonadea.co.za or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your special day and find out more about this giveaway.
    4. You will need to pay a 50% deposit within 30 days of making your wedding booking in order to qualify for a free honeymoon.
    5. The free honeymoons are on a first come, first serve basis so don’t miss out!


    Terms & Conditions


    Accommodation may not be exchanged for cash or alternate accommodation.

    Honeymoon must commence one day after your wedding date and will end on the 14 th night with check out no

    later than 9am the following morning.

    Honeymoon includes accommodation and airport transfers on the island of Skiathos only.

    No post check out luggage storage facilities are available.

    A refundable breakage/loss deposit of €350 in cash is payable on the first day of arrival.

    Honeymoons are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

    Honeymoon terms and conditions are subject to change at the owner’s discretion.

  • Floral design master, Gregor Lersch, announced that the Cape Protea is his top pick for bridal bouquets.

    Published: 08-07-2016

    We love South Africa and we know that this beautiful country has so much to offer. From the sweeping country sides filled with the most amazing fauna and flora, to the beloved beaches, and stunning mountain ranges, South Africa has captured the hearts of not only her people, but the hearts of many around the world.

    It’s no surprise that the Western Cape, and particularly Cape Town, is considered one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa. Not only is Cape Town home to Table Mountain, one of the 7 Wonders of Nature, but it has also been named one of the top 25 cities in the world, one of the top 10 wine destinations, and was also the 2014 World Design Capital. These awards, and the hundreds like them, show off just how much Cape Town and the surrounding areas have to offer.

    Bona Dea Private Estate in the Hemel-en- Aarde Valley near Hermanus in the Western Cape, recently hosted the master of floral design, Gregor Lersch. Having worked in 32 countries around the world, Gregor Lersch is a floral designer, teacher, and author from Germany with a lifetime of experience and expertise.

    Running from the 14th to the 18th of May 2016, Gregor Lersch regaled the attendees of the Five Days, Five Themes workshop. Floral design, theory and demonstrations were the order of the workshop and Gregor delivered a hands-on experience that we’re sure many of the participants will never forget.

    On the 15 th of May 2016, Gregor Lersch had a very special announcement to make. After working with some of the best flowers in the world, Gregor announced that his personal choice of flower for bridal bouquets, above all other flowers around the world, is the Protea, South Africa’s national flower.

    We’re particularly thrilled by this announcement as the beloved Protea is very close to our hearts. Bona Dea Private Estate is home to a Protea farm where these beautiful blooms are grown and cared for with love by expert hands. We can’t wait to see what affect Gregor’s announcement has on the floral industry, but we can guarantee that those who choose the Protea for any occasion, whether that be for a wedding or otherwise, will never be disappointed.

  • Bona Dea Private Estate and Nubian Bride Magazine are working together to make your wedding day unforgettable!

    Win with Bona Dea and Nubian Bride

    Published: 30-06-2016

    Weddings are the perfect way to celebrate love. The décor, the cake, the bringing together of two families, the love between the lucky couple – All of these things come together to create a day that should never be forgotten.

    Here at Bona Dea Private Estate, we know that weddings are so much more than just throwing together a day of celebration, but instead involves planning, small details, and that very special touch. We know all there is to know about weddings and in order to celebrate that fact, we’ve teamed up with Nubian Bride Magazine to give away the prize of a lifetime!

    What better way could there possibly be to celebrate style, romance, and love than by winning an all-expenses paid wedding day for 160 guests, plus a two-week luxury honeymoon at the V&Waterfront? We can’t imagine anything more amazing!

    Prizes up for grabs

    If you’re a winner, you’ll be walking down the aisle at Bona Dea Private Estate on the 18th of March 2017, but there’s so much more. The full R1 million prize includes the following:

    • Travel in style to and from Bona Dea Private Estate
    • Two nights of accommodation for the bridal couple at Bona Dea Private Estate
    • The full use of the Bona Dea ballroom including furniture, all décor, service staff and more for up to 160 guests to the value of R476,274
    • Luxury 5-star honeymoon accommodation at the V&A Waterfront for two weeks, worth R168,000
    • A one-of- a-kind Kobus Dippenaar designer wedding dress to the value of R38,000
    • Hair and make for the beautiful bride and two bridesmaids by Leoume Vos Bridal Make-up Artistry worth R3500
    • Your perfect day will be captured by photographer Billy Jan Raad, valued at R25,000
    • Music, sound, and lighting from EMS to the value of R17,700
    • A cash bar service
    • Wedding favours to the value of R15,000 for your guests by Uthando
    • A wedding cake worth R6000 created by Krummels Sugar Art

    And lastly, not only will your wedding day be one to remember, but you’ll also be featured in Nubian Bride Magazine in the May 2017 edition!

    How to enter

    We know that this amazing prize sounds too good to be true and it couldn’t be easier to enter!

    Simply weave the tale of your love story with the one you’re going to marry and tell Nubian Bride Magazine all about it. You have until the 31 st of October 2016 to send in your tale of romance, tears, and true love in no more than 1000 words. If you have photos you’d like to include, be sure to attach them.

    Send your entry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and keep your eye out for the November issue of Nubian Bride Magazine where the winner will be announced.

    Follow Bona Dea Private Estate on Facebook and Pinterest for more wedding tips and ideas.

    Terms and conditions

    The price of the wedding and honeymoon are not negotiable or redeemable for cash.
    Wedding is for 160 guests at Bona Dea Private Estate on the 18 th of March 2017 only.
    Publisher’s decision is final regarding the winner and no communication will be entered into.
    If any of the details of the competition change due to circumstances beyond their control, the organisers cannot be held liable.

  • When wedding planning kicks into high gear and suddenly your life is a whirlwind of flowers and colour choices, it helps to have a place to start. For many brides, the first step is choosing a wedding theme. The problem is that with so many amazing themes to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the theme that not only encapsulates you and your partner, but suits your style.


    We’ve listed 3 classic and romantic wedding themes that could suit any beautiful new couple.


    The Forest Romance

    Whether you’re wanting to emulate the beauty and magic of the forest or you love the idea of being a ‘fairy princess’, there’s no denying that the forest holds a romance that can easily be included in your wedding theme. The addition of tree branches, wreaths, and twinkling lights can turn any wedding venue into a breath-taking forest. The best part about the forest theme is that there are varying degrees that can be implemented. You can choose to go all out and cover the tables in tree bark, forest flowers, and vines, or you can simply add subtle hints for a low-key romantic theme that will make your day memorable.


    Classic Beauty

    If you’ve always dreamt of a classic white wedding, then this is the theme for you. Picture crisp clean table cloths, chandeliers of crystal, and beautiful white roses. Add to that a classic wedding cake, the twinkle of candles, and your flowing white wedding gown, and your day will be filled with classic beauty. While we love the idea of the bright and crisp white wedding, don’t forget that small touches of colour can make all the difference. Consider a deep red flower in your hair or perhaps a bouquet of beautiful Proteas. Small touches of colour that reflect you and your partner can be the perfect way to make your wedding day completely unique.


    Did you know: Bona Dea Private Estate is also home to a Protea farm where the most beautiful Proteas are lovingly grown by expert hands. Contact us for more information.


    Vintage Love

    Vintage is a very popular theme right now for many occasions. Whether it’s a baby shower or a birthday, vintage is perfect for any special occasion. If you love the look of long gowns with lace sleeves and flowers crowns as accessories, then you should consider a vintage them for your wedding day. Inspired by an old-style glamour, a vintage wedding theme can include as little or as much of the throwback style as you want. Picture subtle touches of vintage headbands, beautiful brooches, pearls, and lanterns. You could also choose an entirely different era and channel the 1920’s or 1950’s. With so many options and choices, this theme will definitely bring out your creative side.


    No matter which theme you choose, your wedding day should perfectly reflect you and your partner. Add touches of your past, present, and future into your wedding décor and outfits for a memorable day that will always hold a special place in your heart. Plus, don’t forget to consider your guests and wedding photographer when choosing which theme will suit your special day.


    Book your special day at Bona Dea

    Here at Bona Dea Private Estate we love weddings and we’d love to host your special day. Experience the magic of the Cape Whale Coast and paint your perfect day on the canvas that Bona Dea Private Estate provides. Contact our team today and discover how we can make your day one that you and your guests will never forget.

  • One of the most exciting days of your life is about to become a reality and once the engagement party is over and the champagne has all been popped, it’s time to start planning.

    You’re excited, as you should be, and there are so many decisions to make surrounding your wedding day. It can be overwhelming, with each decision feeling more important than the next!

    The reality is that every detail of your special day should be what you desire it to be. While you can’t always have the perfect flowers or the perfect shoes, you CAN have the perfect wedding venue!

    Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most crucial parts of planning a wedding. It’s the vessel that will transport your wedding guests on a beautiful adventure that is all about you and your partner.

    Take the time to ask the correct questions and you’ll be ready to make your venue decision before you know it. Remember to book your venue well in advance to avoid disappointment.


    engagement party 2 champange bonadea wedding southafrica


    9 questions to ask when choosing the perfect wedding venue

    1. What is your budget?

    Planning the perfect wedding is all about budget. Unfortunately, that could mean missing out on a venue that may seem to be THE ONE, but remember, not all venues are for every bridal couple. Perhaps your budget is more suited to a smaller setting? Or maybe you’ll need to trim down your guest list?

    While no one likes to be told that they can’t afford what they want, chat to the manager of your dream venue and find out what they have to offer.

    Did you know? Bona Dea Private Estate can cater for up to 160 guests.

    2. Is the venue available on your chosen date?

    Before you set your heart on a venue, make sure that your chosen date and time is available. If not, are you willing to reconsider the day on which you tie the knot? It’s important that your day (and therefore your venue) suit your needs. If you’re not willing to budge on your big day, then you’ll have to start searching for a new venue.

    3. How many guests will be attending?

    It’s easy to fall in love with a venue when viewing it for the first time, but it would be a shame to do so only to find out that the venue is either much too large or too small for your needs.

    Many wedding venues will allow you to ask questions when booking a time to see the venue, whether the appointment is made over the phone or done via their website. Use this time to ask questions such as these and potentially save yourself a lot of time and heartache.

    If your venue is able to cater for your wedding, then that’s fantastic! Make extra sure that the venue’s parking is adequate and that all of your guests will easily be able to access the venue.

    4. Do you need a chapel?

    When planning a wedding that may be a little further away from home, it can be easier for both the lucky couple and their guests to have the ceremony and reception at one venue. You’ll need to ensure that your venue can cater for your specific religious needs, if any, and be sure to discuss every detail of the ceremony with the venue manager to guarantee that there are no unpleasant surprises on the day.

    Did you know? At Bona Dea Private Estate you can have your wedding outside overlooking the majestic mountains with breath-taking views as your backdrop. We also have a stunning chapel on the property that is the perfect setting for any wedding ceremony.

    5. What setting are you looking for?

    Weddings are a personal affair that should suit the wants, needs, and personalities of the wedding couple. It’s important to choose a wedding venue that provides the perfect setting for your big day. Do you and your partner love the ocean? Why not choose a sea-side venue? If you’re looking for a more rustic feel, then consider hiring a venue in the bush. There are many options, and many different ways to achieve your desired look and feel.

    6. What are your catering requirements?

    Food is one of the most important factors to any wedding celebration. What would a wedding be without melt-in-your-mouth morsels and decadent desserts? If you have specific catering requirements that should fit in with your lifestyle or religious beliefs, don’t hesitate to inform your wedding venue manager or wedding planner.

    Did you know? Bona Dea Private Estate has a passion for weddings and we pride ourselves on paying attention to even the smallest of details. That’s why we custom build wedding menus with our bridal couples to ensure that every bite is delicious and every plate is spectacular. You’ll meet with our private chefs and decide exactly what you want as you want it.

    7. Will the venue suit your theme?

    Themed weddings are becoming more and more popular. Fantasy, rock n roll, comic book weddings, you name it, it’s more than likely been done! It’s always imperative that you choose a venue that will be able to cater to ALL of your wedding needs, and that includes your theme. Not all venues are willing to allow sword fighting or a trapeze act though, so always inform your wedding venue manager what you’re planning to do.

    8. What does the venue NOT provide?

    It may seem like a strange thing to ask, but with the MANY questions that should be asked while planning your wedding, it’s good to know what’s not allowed or could be a problem. Don’t take for granted that your wedding venue will provide tissues for your more sensitive guests in the chapel or that there will be wine glasses available. Ensure that you have the right wedding venue for your perfect day by checking every single box, even the ones that may not seem important. As the old adage goes, better safe than sorry.

    9. Finally, is it everything you want?

    The hardest lesson to learn, and often the most important, is that you shouldn’t settle for less when planning your wedding. For many, this will be the only wedding you ever have, and that means it should memorable, magical, and an event you never look back on with regret.

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions, take notes, and double check on every detail. Your wedding day is important and it deserves to be treated that way.

    Book your day with Bona Dea

    Here at Bona Dea Private Estate we love weddings and we’d love to host your special day.

    From our beautiful chapel, to our breath-taking ballroom, to our lounges, and cocktail bar, we have so much to offer! Experience the magic of the Cape Whale Coast and paint your perfect day on the canvas that Bona Dea Private Estate provides.

     perfect wedding venue bonadea hermanus southafrica